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Armour Shield Roofing is a London roofing company that provides services for repairing leaky roofs, roof maintenance, roof replacement, and roof repair projects. If you have a problematic roof and small roof repairs, or need complete re-roofing, we have the roofing material and supplies to complete repairs quickly.

An Armour Shield Roofing roof doesn't just look great, but is built to last; We stand behind our roof installation with expert roof repair and maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Question About London Ontario Roof Repair Contractors

How much is it to repair a roof?

According to roof repair data collected by over 61,937 Roof repair contractors the typical roof repair contractor will charge around $454.32 CAD to $87,36.84 CAD. However, when looking for a roof repair contractor near you it’s important to remember that cities like London Ontario have their own roof repair products and sealants that can dramatically change the cost of the simplest water damage roof repair job caused by roof leaks.

Roof Repair Contractor Tip: If you’re getting your roof repaired after the 2020 to 2021 pandemic the cost of a roof repair contractor could go up 10% to 20% due to material, labour shortages, and rising inflation.

How much does it cost to repair eavestroughs (or gutters) and fascia?

Older gutters may begin sagging from ice damage or lack of cleaning. Have your eaves been damaged by trees, or are your gutters simply old and you’d like eavestroughs with leaf guards? Repair costs vary depending on the existing size and style. Please read more about eavestrough inspection HERE.

How much does it cost to repair roof vents and soffits?

All work will be performed within Ontario’s Roofing Safety Board regulations. Repair costs vary, depending on the type of vent replaced or how many feet of replacement soffit is required.

How much does it cost to repair flashing?

Flashing is crucial to your roof structure that ensures rainwater runoff around chimneys, roof vents, skylights and other obstructions on a roof. Please call us at the number below or email us for a no charge estimate for any of your roof related repairs.

We also offer moss removal, on-going maintenance services, and roofing inspection consultations.